The difference between green and red candles

A Wealth of Knowledge

Yonela Ngulugulu 14 Sep 2017

Depending on the color coordination of one's candles, some people use black and white candles, some use green and white candles and some use green and red candles. all this is irregardless of the color scheme one is using on their charts. It is all a matter of the difference in opening and closing price...

Green candlesticks

Greens means that the candle opened lower than it closed.

When a candle closes as a green candle, this means that the candlestick opened at a lower price and the closed at a much higher price. This indicates that prices are increasing, that there is a bit of buying activity happening. For instance, the candlestick opened at $1,00 and closed at $3,00. the candle will turn green because it opened lower and closed higher than where it opened.

Red candlesticks

Red candlesticks mean that the price opened at a higher price then closed at a lower price. This means that the prices are decreasing. This indicates that there is a bit of selling activity in the markets causing prices to drop.

Red candles indicate that candles opened at a higher price than their closing price. Meaning since the candle opened, the prices decreased from what they were

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